Leadership and Team Coaching
for Millennials in the Middle Management Space


You Can Lead Better is designed to move you and your teams forward, one powerful step at a time. We’ll partner on solutions for the future by fine-tuning individual strengths, assessing obstacles while brainstorming how to move through them, and looking at potential resources for success. 

Being coached is an exercise in thought, presence, reflection, growth and accountability. 

The most powerful leaders use coaching to gain valuable insights through confidential thought partner sessions where their most pressing goals are analyzed with professionalism, objectivity and integrity.



• Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions with accountability goals and homework.

• Confidential assessment tools including strengths assessments, personality assessments and 360 feedback when necessary.


• Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly interactive group sessions with team building exercises, accountability goals and homework.

• Assessments and progress evaluations when necessary.


Carrie Prince is an exceptional leader with a proven track record of inspiring management practices. As a certified professional coach with over ten years experience in both leadership positions and building a forum for advice in the online community, she continues to invest in her own expertise by studying new theories in leadership, psychology and management practices.

“Carrie uses her interpersonal skills to resolve conflict and point everyone towards a common goal. I continue to orient my life in the direction of her teachings.”
“I learned a lot about being a strong leader from Carrie.”
“Carrie is an absolute beast. One of the most empowered and empowering humans I have ever met.”
”The true magic however of Carrie's impact occurred after she left...as the days without Carrie passed by I realized that her gumption and approach to leadership stayed within me. It turns out that in just a few months Carrie significantly increased my workload capacity and ability to lead. This I will have forever, and am so thankful to Carrie for.”
“She taught me how to step up and be a leader to my community.”
“It has been nothing short of a privilege to work and learn under Carrie. She made such a lasting impact in the workforce as well as my personal life.”
“Carrie is one of the best leaders I've had the pleasure to work with in my 30-year career. Her organizational and team building skills are unparalleled.”
“Carrie pulled off the business complexities with grace. Amazing with people, she promptly determines an individual’s worth to the organization.”
“I have over 30 years work experience, being exposed to all types of people, and I have honestly never been so blown away by someone as professional as Carrie.”
“I can imagine Carrie as the CEO of a company in any industry, and I am certain she would leave it far better off than she found it. I am also certain that she would inspire her team, and they would achieve far greater things because of her leadership. I’m certain of this because Carrie inspired me, and I have incorporated many of the lessons I learned from her into my own leadership style.”
“She encouraged and empowered us with decision-making and team-building at every level of the organization...”
“...we remained highly motivated as she encouraged our team to stay tough through adversity and accomplish as much as we safely could every day we were out there. As a result, our site was punching way above its weight class, and I couldn't be more proud.”
“During one on ones with Carrie she always encouraged me to do more and motivated me beyond just doing well at my job. She showed me my value as a worker and empowered me to do more with it. She showed me that any opportunity to do your best and work hard will not only pay off in the workplace but also in my personal life.”


  • CPC (Certified Professional Coach) – College of Executive Coaching
  • MBA, Summa Cum Laude from UC Davis Graduate School of Management with an emphasis in organizational strategy
  • 10+ years in leadership positions in multiple industries

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